Looking back 2017

VR experts, users and other interested parties gathered at the Virtual Reality Conference on November 27, 2017 at the Microsoft Atrium in Berlin. Around 180 participants, speakers and VR providers exchanged views on the latest trends and new opportunities in the use of virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

The lectures focused on concrete application examples of the VR technology, e. g. how automakers project product additions into reality, decreasing the need for physical models, and how augmented reality can support in the field of logistics. Another important topic of the day was the potential of learning with VR and the suggestion that schools should integrate VR technology stronger into the learning concept. Other lectures included questions of safety in using VR and the advantages of VR in collaborations as an alternative to video conferences.

In the exhibition area, the participants could try out and learn about different VR glasses, had time to network and enjoyed beer and pretzels after the dence conference program.

We want to thank all participants, speakers and our partners Cornelsen, Dell EMC, Flying Pixel, Materna, Microsoft and vr-on for a great event and look forward to next time.

In the next days you will find the videos of the sessions on this page.