Virtual Reality Conference
27 November 2017

Virtual Reality Conference


Virtual today already is reality! VR transforms the use of digital content fundamentally and has already established itself in many sectors as a new technology. Virtual and Augmented Reality are a new dimension of the digitisation and networking of the world.

Not only private users profit of the extended reality in gaming, for sports events or concerts. Virtual Reality also holds an enormous potential in the B2B sector. Virtual showrooms enable realistic product presentations and training participants can practice with the help of simulations. Additionally, Mixed Reality enables further possibilities by displaying virtual information into a real environment.

As part of the business festival, providers and operators discuss use cases, content, latest features and the resulting opportunities for businesses and the society at the Virtual Reality Conference.

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Virtual Reality at

The day after the Virtual Reality Conference, VR will also be one of the key topics at – Europe’s interactive business festival for digital movers and makers. Technological innovation is the starting point for the digital transformation. ... mehr

One in three would try Virtual Reality in Arcades

After a brief introduction you are ready to go: the latest gaming trends can be conveniently tried in arcades. The next big thing of the technology industry, Virtual Reality, can be tested in arcades as well. Whether parachuting, archery or discovering fantasy worlds. ... mehr

Retailers see VR as part of their digital future

3D printed products, automatic payment when leaving the store and product presentations through virtual reality technologies: although the future of trade is digital, the industry’s digitisation is still slow. 77 percent of the traders see themselves as latecomers in digitisation. ... mehr

Whether you are a global player or a start-up – here you can present your company as an expert innovator. If you would like to get actively involved in the VR Conference, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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